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20 July 2014

Frank jumped on Steve tonight while in bed, and somehow managed to catapult himself off the bed and slam onto the hardwood heart completely sunk when he cried and I knew it was going to have to be a night at the ER.  

Steve told me to prepare for years of broken bones...apparently par for the course when you have adventurous little boys :)

Frank has a broken collarbone but still can smile...poor bubba!  A wonderful nurse gave him a little frog (who got bandaged up too!!) with a little prayer shawl.  Nurses are awesome.

My Pregnancy: 17 Week Baby Bump!

15 July 2014

How far along?
17 Weeks...well I'm actually 18 weeks but forgot to post this because I was on vacation!
Maternity clothes?
That would be a solid yes!
No more nausea!  A little acid reflux at night. 
Perfectly.  Can't get enough.
Best moment this week:
Going to Babies-r-us with Frankie to pick out a new crib and dresser!
Miss Anything?
Sushi and deli meat. Which is so weird because when I'm not pregnant I don't even like deli meat...
Baby Movement:
Finally some movement!  Super exciting...Steve also felt the baby with his hand for the first time today.
Food cravings:
Vanilla greek yogurt with strawberry preserves mixed in.  Yum.
Have you started to show yet?
Yes! I think (hope) I'm officially past that "is she pregnant or fat in the stomach" phase...!
Wedding rings on or off?
On.  But big time edema on hot days.
One word to describe this week:
Delightful. Blissful.  We went to the doctor earlier this week and saw the baby sucking his/her thumb again, and got to see the baby open and close his/her mouth.  But...couldn't get the gender yet!  The baby's bum wouldn't cooperate. ;)
Frankie's BIG brother status:
So far he's thought that the baby is a girl.  Now he's switching and telling me he thinks it's a baby brother.  Also we walked past an adorable red head baby today and he said, "Mommy lets have that baby....she's SO cute!  We can take it home."  
So yeah, he has no clue how this works yet ;)

Simply Him

13 July 2014

Week had an AMAZING week on Long Beach Island.  Recap to come the meantime...

Pirate looks at 4...

Hope your summer is full of just a few blissful moments. :)

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