My Pregnancy: 24 Weeks!

26 August 2014

How far along?
6 Months!!
Maternity clothes?
Just feeling, well...big. 
Best moment this week:
Feeling Adelaide kick. (By the way...we're having a girl!!! Didn't officially announce it...)
Miss Anything?
Small cloths.
Baby Movement:
She's strong. Kicking and swimming around!
Food cravings:
Carbs. Ugh.
Have you started to show yet?
This question is getting old.
Wedding rings on or off?
On. But it's getting close...
One word to describe this week:
Exhausting and fun.  Just got back from photographing a wedding in South Dakota. According to my doctor, definitely the last time I'm allowed to fly!  Frankie tagged along with me and was awesome on the plane.
Frankie's BIG brother status:
He LOVES Adelaide. Kisses my tummy, raspberries my tummy, gives the tummy hugs and says good morning and goodnight.  He keeps asking me when the baby can come out!  Soon, bubba...but not soon enough!! :)

Pieces of Summer Part 2

20 August 2014

Sadly...summer is slowly coming to an end...but we plan on getting the absolute most out of the next three weeks!

Simply Him

20 July 2014

Frank jumped on Steve tonight while in bed, and somehow managed to catapult himself off the bed and slam onto the hardwood heart completely sunk when he cried and I knew it was going to have to be a night at the ER.  

Steve told me to prepare for years of broken bones...apparently par for the course when you have adventurous little boys :)

Frank has a broken collarbone but still can smile...poor bubba!  A wonderful nurse gave him a little frog (who got bandaged up too!!) with a little prayer shawl.  Nurses are awesome.

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